Wednesday, September 21, 2011

HK Love!!!!

It has been too long! Bottom line is that there is not enough time in my day to accomplish everything that I wish I could. A while back I posted a picture of a ceramics project that I had been working on. I promised to post the finish sculpture but I never did. I am proud to say that is still in display in the art gallery at the college.

So here she is...

A beautiful Ballerina!

Everything was hand sculptured and hand made, from her head to the tip of her shoes :O)
I made her special tutu and bow.
Her spool is made of clay and yes that is real yarn wrapped around it.
As you can see, she is a replica of the little plastic toy that sits on top of the spool.

She is fully made of clay (approximately 45 lbs. was used for Hello Kitty) and is hollow all the way through as is the spool (approximately 7lbs.). She is about 27-30 inches in height.

I hope you like her.

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