Friday, February 4, 2011

Thoughts Might Evolve: Recent Projects

Since I am into many different things I decided to show you some of the stuff I have been recently working on. Please let me know what you think.

The first thing I want to show you guys is a ceramics project I have been working on. It is a project for school. We were assigned a treasured object project. Since I am in LOVE with Hello Kitty I decided to replicate her and give her my own twist.

Here is where my inspiration came from and... she is!

She is not finished yet I am still working on her. She has been fired in the kiln but she still needs to be glazed(painted). As you can see I used mixed media on her. She is made of buffalo wallow clay. She stands at a little above 24 inches and she weights about 35 pounds (although she is hollow in the inside). I made her tutu and her bow myself. Since I love skulls, I decided to give her my own twist. I am so proud to announce she was picked to be displayed in the student art show (after she is finished).

on to the next project....

Since it's close to Valentine's Day, I was inspired by some pictures that I saw online to make some bracelets for the girls in my family and a couple of friends.
I decided to make some with a red rose and some with a pink rose  

Here is how they look on your wrist. I am extremely content how they came out.
on to the next project...

I had been wanting to make myself some feather earrings so I went by Hobby Lobby to purchase the supplies the other day. Here they are completely finished, I can say that I Love the way the turned out. I am so proud of myself. I am going to make some with different color feathers so that I can match my outfits.

Since I was already in the earring making mood I decided to make myself some earring to wear on Valentine's Day. Also, my inspiration for these earrings came from the book.
Inspired by the book
...and a bracelet

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